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Brunch with the Raptors

So, the Everyman and I had the opportunity to go to the Raptors game this past weekend.  Let me start by saying, the Everyman is a SPORTS FREAK.  I mean FREAK.  If it’s a sport and it’s on TV, he feels compelled to bore me with it, every time.  As you can probably ascertain from that statement, I am not a sports freak.  In fact, I have a general rule about not wasting my life watching sports.  But, I love the Everyman very very very much, so when he decides that he wants to go in person, I go too.

So on Sunday, we thought, let’s go to the ACC a little early and have lunch first.  We had fancy courtside seats, so we were able to get into the PT Club restaurant (in case you’re confused, PT is the atomic symbol for Platinum).  We went in thinking that we’d have steaks for lunch and how cool would that be.  Well, we were foiled.  On Sundays, the PT Club does brunch – and what a brunch it was.

I ordered the french toast with creme anglaise, chocolate drizzle and a side of prosciutto and brie melt.  It sounds like a heart attack, and it probably is, but it was damn delicious.  The Everyman ordered the continental breakfast, which showed up as a selection of muffins, scones, jam, and cultivated butter.  I didn’t try any of his (because mine was just that good) but it looked delicious.  The french toast was perfectly fluffy and crispy, but not heavy.  The creme anglaise had a whipped cream consistency, and I just wanted to spread it on everything.  The prosciutto and brie was really delicious, but my one (small) complaint is that the prosciutto was sliced a bit too thickly.  However, I imagine that was done on purpose in order to mimic bacon.  Either way, it was still amazing.

After that, I thought I might explode, but we still had a half hour until game time, so the Everyman suggested that we order tea and dessert.  We had some lovely green tea, and split a piece of what was probably the best strawberry cheesecake I’ve had in a long time.  It did not just have one of those weak strawberry coulis’ on top.  It actually had pieces of strawberry mixed right into the cheesecake.  Very yumlicious.  I managed to eat half even though I was stuffed.  I can always find room for dessert :)

At halftime we went back down to the snack bar and got one of the delicious carved roast beef sandwiches on onion buns with jus.  Really, when it comes right down to it, I go to the games to eat.  That sandwich is the best roast beef sandwich ever.  The Everyman likes to cover his with Montreal steak spice (which I hate) but I prefer mine with horseradish.  There really is nothing better than having a sandwich carved to order right in front of you, from a hot steamy slab of beef.  I only wish that they would keep that beef a wee bit warmer.

But overall, the PT Club is a really great restaurant, and I give the executive chef Brad Long, who also appears on Restaurant Makeover, two thumbs up.  Now I just have to convince the Everyman to take me to more sporting events so I can go back to eat! :)


You’ll Never Guess What I Did This Weekend…

I thought I’d be wacky on the weekend.

Since I got the bread machine (a Cuisinart Convection thank-you-very-much), I’m pretty much turning out a loaf or two a week.  The Everyman is pleased whenever the contents come out with cheese or bacon in them (big surprise!), and really got a kick out of my focaccia obsession about a month ago.  But I was starting to feel like I’d been stagnating in my bread making ventures, so I thought to myself, it’s time for something completely different.

That something happened to be bagels.  I love a good bagel, but it’s quite difficult to come across them in Toronto, unless you have a really great bakery near by.  The bakeries in our area specialize in Portuguese pastries, which are delicious (and mostly custard-y), but not bagels.

So first off, let me say that it’s not quite as difficult as I imagined it to be when I read the recipe.  Actually, once I got going, it was kinda fun.  There’s a whole point when all you’re doing is twirling the little bread donuts on your fingers.  That’s my kind of cooking – acrobatics! :)   The boiling part is a bit strange, and gross if you manage to touch the boiled dough with your hands, but other than that, nothing unusual.  Anyhow, when they were done, they ended up being pretty damn delicious, with just a hint of sweetness to them.

As I sidenote, at work yesterday I needed a snack and had a commercial bagel in my desk.  I took one bite of it, and had to spit it out.  It tasted so gross compared to the doughy, chewy loveliness I created, and was soooooooo dry and chemical tasting.

I may never eat store-bought again.