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Oh, What I Wouldn’t Give For Real BBQ!

So, let me preface this by saying that I know it’s been way too long since I wrote my last post.  I’m still trying to acclimate myself to the ridiculous commute to my new job.  It’s about a 3 hour round trip every day, and it basically means I leave waaaaaaay too early and get home when it’s late.  And that it’s dark when I’m doing both too.

So, that being said, I have several reviews that have been pending since I took my hiatus between jobs.  I will say that I now feel that my trip to Chicago this summer has ruined BBQ for me forever.  Perhaps if we hadn’t gone to Fat Willy’s while we were there, I wouldn’t think that BBQ in Toronto is so sub par.  Who can say…

Phil’s Original BBQ was a place that the Everyman and I had always wanted to visit.  And then, we saw them do a Restaurant Makeover and my desire to eat there plummeted.  Even though the Restaurant Makeover chef seemed very pleased with the overall quality of the food, I still kind of felt that there was no good reason for a place that makes delicious food to do a show like that.  So for a long time we put our plans on the back burner and kind of forgot about Phil’s.

While I was off between jobs, the Everyman and I had a hankering for some good old fashioned barbecue.  We both realized that the closest we would probably be able to get to the nirvana that was Fat Willy’s was at Phil’s Original BBQ.  Off we went.

To be fair, we visited on a Friday afternoon for lunch, and the place was almost entirely empty.  During our visit there were only 2 other tables occupied, and just before we left a squad car arrived to pick up a take out order.  I must commend the service at Phil’s.  The waiter (who I assumed was a friend or relative of Phil’s wife) was so exceptionally friendly and fun that I still managed to have a wonderful time even though the food wasn’t first rate.

On Restaurant Makeover the one thing they could not stop talking about (aside from the BBQ) were some traditional Venezualan corn pancakes that Phil’s wife made.  I decided that these were worth a taste, and indeed they were.  At first they just seemed like a corn omelette filled with cheese, but the more I sampled, the more I fell in love with their fluffy sweetness.  When I was finished my plate I was sad that there wasn’t more.  I think Cachapas may be my favorite new ethnic delicacy.


More To Come Soon!

Hello again internet foodies!

I realize it’s been almost a month since I last wrote, and I promise, I am getting to it soon.  Now that I’m getting into the swing of my new job I should be able to refocus my energies on updating the website more frequently.

Also, I will admit, I have been somewhat captivated over the last 2 weeks by a blog I came across by accident the other day.  It’s called A Hamburger Today and it is hosted/moderated by the folks at Serious Eats.  It’s a seriously good time.  You should definitely check it out some time, though their Canadian content is somewhat lacking, reading about a great burger is always worthwhile.

Anyhow, check back soon as I’m working on write-ups for 2 reviews as well as my impressions of this year’s Food and Wine Show.

Until next time…

A Change Would Do You Good

Hello, gentle foodie readers of the internest.

(Actually, most days I think that the only people who read this site are the Everyman and a few choice friends who know about it, but I am pretty much resigned to this being nothing more than an electronic diary of sorts)

I know it’s been far too long since I last wrote, but alot has gone on in the last 6 weeks or so.

Firstly, and most importantly, I took a big step recently and quit my day job of the last 7 years.  I am on my way to greener pastures and start my new journey in a few more days.  Preparing for this has obviously been occupying a great deal of my time lately.

Also, the Everyman and I just haven’t gone anywhere of note recently (other than the Cheese Boutique, which is not a restaurant and therefore not suitable for reviewing purposes, but you should go there anyway, post-haste).

And lastly, I don’t have anything exciting to write on the gardening front because I’ve officially cleaned up the garden for the year, and am depressed that there is no more gardening to do.  I migrated a few of my herbs and hot pepper plants indoors for the winter just so I’d have something to occupy my time until January or February when I start my seedlings in the basement.

So, all in all there is alot going on, and yet nothing at all.  It’s an interesting and tumultuous time here at Foodie and the Everyman.