Chocolate Lovers Of The World, Unite!

Recently I discovered something so colossally delicious that I just had to share.

Actually, if we want to get technical, I discovered it last summer.  I’ve just been too scatterbrained to bring things to fruition until now.

You see, when the Everyman and I were visiting Chicago last summer, I picked up a delightfully quaint little souvenir from the Museum of Science and Technology gift shop; a 9 piece box of mini Vosges chocolate bars.  I’d heard the name Vosges many times in the past, but had never actually sampled any of their wares.  They are a small, artisanal chocolate company based in Chicago, renowned for their unique flavor combinations.  As with most of my good intentions, when I arrived back home in Toronto, the little box went into my chocolate drawer and was promptly forgotten about until  a month ago.

On a recent Sunday afternoon I was putting together an office care pack to use in case of emergencies, or gross coworker stupidity.  Naturally, my chocolate drawer was  the perfect place to start because it was brimming with unopened snack size chocolate bars and candies.  The Vosges chocolate box made it into the care pack, and was again forgotten about once it arrived at my desk drawer at work.

That is, until I had a nervous breakdown at work last week.  I began frantically digging through my desk for something to calm my nerves and spotted the mini library of chocolate bars.  Thumbing through the collection, I found one that sounded like it would suit my immediate needs; the Black Pearl bar.  The bar is a mixture of dark chocolate, wasabi, ginger and black sesame seeds that is simultaneously sweet and a little piquant.  At that moment I fell in lust and felt that I’d just discovered something I enjoyed even more than Godiva.

The next day I had to have another; all thought of rationing these precious chocolates went right out the window.  However, I still wanted to save the ones that sounded most interesting for last; it’s a little quirk I seem to have picked up from the Everyman over the years.  The next one I chose sounded vaguely intriguing, but I didn’t have very high hopes for it compared to the others; the Barcelona bar.  This one was deep milk chocolate blended with Hickory smoked almonds and Fleur de Sel, and it was literally like crack.  As soon as I bit into it I began cursing myself for not sampling these while I was in Chicago so that I could’ve brought more of them home with me.  It is the absolute pinnacle of sweet and salty combinations.  Yum!

Friday brought another chance to sample the bars; now the plan was get through the box as quickly as possible so I’d know what I wanted to order right away.  The Woolloomooloo bar was good, but in comparison to the last two seemed only slightly above average.  It is a mixture of deep milk chocolate, roasted and salted macadamia nuts, coconut flakes and hemp seeds.  The seeds provided a nice crunch, but I’m not a huge fan of coconut, so I probably wouldn’t eat this again unless it was offered to me.  Don’t get me wrong though, this is still head and shoulders above any generic chocolate bar you can find at the corner store.

After consuming 3 bars, I am left with the Gianduja (deep milk chocolate, caramelized hazelnuts and almonds), the Oaxaca (bittersweet chocolate, guajillo and pasilla chillies), the Red Fire (dark chocolate, ancho and chipotle chillies and cinnamon), the Creole (bittersweet chocolate, cocoa nibs and chicory coffee), the Naga (deep milk chocolate, curry powder and coconut flakes), and one last Black Pearl bar.  I am also faced with the problem of what to try next, because what’s left sounds definitely promising.  Upon perusing Vosges’ website, I noticed several other bars I must order, including the Mo’s Bacon, Matcha, Enchanted Mushroom, Habana and Peanut Butter Bourbon bars.  I’m sure I’ll have no problem filling a large enough order to justify the $40 international shipping charge that gets levied on Canadian orders.  Perhaps I should start a campaign to beseech Vosges to open a Canadian location… hence the uniting of chocolate lovers from all across Canada.

If you ever have the chance, I implore you to give Vosges a try.  They may be a bit pricey, but dammit, they’re worth it!

Until next time…

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