Abstinence Is An Anti-Social Virtue…

I am bitter.  In the general direction of the City of Toronto, actually.

My dissatisfaction stems from the fact that for years I’ve yearned for the city to allow more than just vapid, pre-cooked hotdogs to be sold by street carts.  For the last 10 years I worked downtown, impatiently waiting for this day, but also satiated by a close proximity to the St Lawrence Market and its bounty of edibles.  Now that the city has finally gotten their collective shit together and the varied food carts are almost upon us, I’m stuck in the ‘burbs, in what I quaintly refer to my ‘burb dwelling friends as Miserysauga.

I’ll admit, at my previous job I was spoiled for choice.  From 2002 to 2008 I was a hop, skip and a jump from the St Lawrence Market and took advantage of it almost every day.  There was never a need to brown-bag it with such amazingly fresh and delicious chow at my fingertips.  Then my office relocated slightly west, squarely in the middle of the theatre district.  Again, there was a dizzying array of culinary options, but most required you to have a sit down lunch.  I mourned the loss of the market, but sniffed out a few gems, Ravi Soups, Le Gourmand and Craft Burger among them.  Then in November of 2008 I accepted a new job, right in the heart of Mississauga.  Not to sound like a snob, but there is a dearth of quality food around my new office.  It’s spitting distance from Square One, but one cannot exist on shopping alone, thus I’ve been saving my pennies by brown-bagging it every day.  The worst thing about brown-bagging it is that it robs me of the opportunity to socialize with my peers, because everyone just gets sucked into eating food at their desks, alone.

This article from NOW Magazine delves into the chief problem with food courts.  It’s written with Toronto in mind, but I’d say the article is just as fitting for Mississauga, if not more so.  In Toronto I found that most of the food courts in the downtown core had at least one or two original, notable places to nosh.  A few that specifically spring to mind are Fast Fresh Foods in Commerce Court or across the hall from that, Petit Four Bakery by the people who brought us Far Niente.  At Spadina and Adelaide (as well as several other locations) there’s a Lettuce Eatery, which while on it’s way to becoming a small chain empire, still provides the opportunity to eat well and healthfully.  These vendors taught us that food need not be greasy, pre-made or bad for you, and provided a somewhat healthier alternative to all of the processed, preservative injected crap that’s normally found in food courts everywhere.  Some days it feels like penance to be so isolated that the only access to good food I have is my own.  The Everyman works in Brampton now and has it no better, so most days he gets a Foodie bagged lunch too.  It becomes exhausting at times to constantly prepare enough food to bring for well-balanced meals, and there are days that I wish I had access to somewhere that I could go and have a tasty meal in the area.  Am I just spoiled, or is there really not enough good food in Mississauga?  I welcome your thoughts, comments and recommendations and would love for someone to prove me wrong.

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