The Joy Of Gardening

First Batch Of Tomatoes

I put the first half of the garden in this weekend.

And, as is wont to happen with the best laid plans, I came back the next day to find a portion of my seedlings dug up by some wily rooftop rapscallion.

I also learned that if I want to plant my seedlings in toilet paper rolls again next year, I need to come up with a better method for labelling.

All told I planted close to 60 tomato plants this year, and close to half are unidentifiable because the rolls have turned black and almost completely disintegrated.  So, it looks like this year I might have a tomato mystery garden.  Which is a bit of a bummer because I specifically planted a bunch of new varieties this year, and I probably won’t be able to differentiate them.  I’m sure they’ll still be tasty though.  I’m just hoping that my pink zapotecs were among the ones that survived, because they look like such beautiful specimens.

Right now most of the tomatoes have been transplanted into individual pots, but in a few more weeks when they’re easier to find, they’ll be going into a couple of kiddie pools for the summer.  Fun times!

Until next time…

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