A Is For Aleppo


After having talked up a storm last week to convince you that you should try aleppo, I started thinking it wouldn’t be a bad idea to explore other uses for this smoky and subtle spice.

Strangely enough, the July issue of Bon Appetit (unearthed while searching for aleppo recipes on Epicurious) yielded a Steve Raichlen barbecued chicken dish featuring aleppo, so I decided to test it out.


On paper the ingredients list reads tantalizingly; sliced lemons, yogurt, aleppo, oil, vinegar, garlic and tomato paste combine to form a fragrant and rosy-hued marinade.

Skewered And Sprinkled

After allowing the chicken pieces to rest in the marinade for a few hours, they are threaded onto skewers in preparation for a barbecue and sprinkled with additional aleppo (I also added some paprika for extra colour).

Ideally, I think this recipe would work best when prepared on a charcoal grill, allowing the distinctive scent of carcinogens to permeate the meat whilst it cooks.  Alas, we only have a propane barbecue (probably wise considering our whole rooftop is made of wood), so I pressed on with the grilling at hand.


Once finished, I served them with a side of green beans and my new favourite grain, toasted wheatberries.  The chicken was creamy, tangy and mildly spicy, layered with flavours that were surprisingly intense.  It’s a definite make-again.  It was so good that every time I’ve made chicken since then, the Everyman has hinted that he’d like me to make this instead of whatever I’ve had in mind.


We finished our meal with a couple of pink peppercorn cocoa shortbread slices topped with whipped cream and some rooftop berries.  Sweet, simple, elegant and divine.

Until next time…

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