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This Week's Haul

Yesterday afternoon after my sojourn to the farmer’s market, I had to make a stop at my favourite spice emporium, The Spice Trader to procure some of their delicious wares.

Despite the fact that I always go to the store with a very precise list, I invariably end up leaving with 3-4 times more product than I had anticipated.

Of course, yesterday’s visit was no different, and even though I only intended to buy 3 or 4 things, $100 later I arrived home with 13 items.

Most of what I purchased were refills for my already overflowing spice drawer, but a few new items called out from the shelves for experimentation.  Choice among those were the roasted paprika, which I was advised is quite different and more complex than pimenton, and is an ashy brownish black.  There were also crushed olive leaves, and though I’m not much of a fan of olives beyond their oil, something told me I wouldn’t be disappointed if I purchased these leaves, so I did.  The other item earmarked for messing around with was the rose petals, which off the top of my head might make an interesting addition to my pink pepper fleur de sel cocoa shortbread.

New Toys

Lining up the pretty green tins on the stainless steel counter, I noticed it still held the last dozen spices I purchased when I was there a month ago.  Out of curiosity I pulled open the spice drawer to take a quick inventory.  Including my newest finds, there was a total of 88 spices.  Of that, there were 4 kinds of salt, (not including the separate salt tin I purchased for the Everyman as a gift a few years ago) including regular kosher, homemade lime salt, chili salt and porcini truffled salt.  Pepper was even more prevalent, and aside from it’s own separate tin (also purchased for the Everyman as a gift) there were 6 kinds of pepper, including white, mixed peppercorn, pink, szechuan, marash and aleppo peppers.  There are now 3 different types of paprika (sweet, smoked pimenton and roasted paprika), 2 kinds of chili flakes (red and jalapeño) some blends (italian, ras al hanout, garam masala, five spice) plus 3 types of cinnamon (ceylon, saigon and stick form).

Egads!  When did I become such a spice junkie?

While I do cook with the majority of the spices on a regular basis, I think it’s become quite apparent that we’ve moved into slightly fanatical territory.  Through no fault of my own other than my infectious curiosity, I’ve amassed a spice drawer that rivals most grocery store sections.  Clearly I need to cut back on my trips to The Spice Trader, or go back to my original method of shopping there, which was to send in a specific order and then have the Everyman pick it up.  There’s no worry about window shopping that way!

So now, to justify my ridiculously large spice drawer, I will have to find ways to showcase some of my new purchases.  Oh, lucky you!

Until next time…

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