Diversity Is Beauty


Picked these from my garden last night.

Amazingly, even though this has been a pitiful year for tomatoes, mine have come through with a minimum of complication, aside from the fucking aphids.

There are a few other varieties that haven’t quite ripened yet, but these 10 provide a pretty good snapshot of what I’ve been nurturing for the last few months.

All varieties were chosen for their superiority over bland, supermarket cardboard tomatoes.

In case you were wondering, from left to right, we have;

Costoluto Genovese (or Pink Zapotec, not entirely certain)

Black Krim

Garden Peach

Black Zebra

Green Zebra

San Marzano

Yellow Pear

Black Cherry


Red Currant

The vines are still bowing under the weight of all the unripened fruit, but hopefully with just a few more +20 days, I’ll be able to wrap things up.

Until next time…

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2 Responses to “Diversity Is Beauty”

  1. scott says:

    Looks like the friggin UN of tomato species. I didn’t know you were so fond of aphids. Here, Here! for a short self imposed LOA. Hope all is well.

  2. mochapj says:

    HA! Scott, I always thought of myself as the garden-keeper of ugly duckling tomatoes – I grow the ones that get overlooked for not being “normal”.

    I really like your UN analogy though – I want to get that put on a business card or something! ;)

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