You Win Some, You Lose Some

Briliant Gojis

Sometimes, you own the plants, and sometimes, the plants own you.

After nearly a month of exposure under the indoor lamps, some of my tiny seedlings are flourishing and others are struggling not to shrivel up and die.

One of the most surprising survivors is the goji berry plant pictured above, which has exploded with a riotous stand of sprouts from one tiny, wrinkly seed.

Conversely, many of my tomato seedlings have not been having a great go of it thus far.  You see, the problem with growing rare, heirloom plants is that they often aren’t as easy to germinate and when they do, they still have trouble maintaining their growth through to a viable stage.  Some people will tell you that these kinds of finicky plants were weeded out of our general food supply for a reason, but I like a challenge.  As such, last weekend I reseeded nearly 30% of the tomato varieties to make another attempt.  When I plant these heirloom seeds, I do plant several seeds to a pot, but after they sprouted the first time, I got overzealous and thinned them out before they’d actually developed their true leaves, after which many of them chose to spite me and die.

To hopefully speed up the process, I’ve installed several more lamps for the plants to provide something even closer to daylight for them.

Here’s hoping it all works out with this batch.

Until next time…


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