And He Made It All By Himself!

Roasted Tomato Soup

As I’ve mentioned before, I do 99% of the cooking at home.

But several years ago, I got fed up with this arrangement and inferred that the Everyman should cook at least one of our meals a week.

Don’t get me wrong.  Out of the 21 meals we typically eat weekly, I wouldn’t say I prepare all of them.  On the occasional night that I don’t feel like cooking, the Everyman will suggest ordering in rather than cooking anything himself.  Then there are times when we go out to dinner or brunch, at least one of which generally happens once or twice a month.  I don’t go out of my way to cook things for lunches, but I am the one who packs up all of the leftovers with extras in the morning.  To put it simply, I do quite a bit and sometimes the balance seems more than a little unfair.

For a while the Everyman was cooking dinner on a fairly regular basis, and we even christened Thursdays as “survive the Everyman’s cooking” nights, since he’s such a fan of Survivor.  But for the last 9 months or so he’s been taking night school, so these survival dinners fell by the wayside and were more often than not replaced by a suggestion of takeout.  Obviously, not the ideal situation for either of our health or waistlines, not to mention takeout can get boring really fast.

As of this week, the Everyman is finished with his night school courses, so I was only too eager to chide him into returning to this weekly slot in the kitchen.  After a few gentle prods he obliged, so I give you the inaugural meal from “survive the Everyman’s cooking” 2010: roasted tomato and garlic soup!

He started with a recipe he’d made for me once before for a plain roasted tomato and garlic soup, and tweaked it in a few, subtle ways to make it his own.  We’d both enjoyed the soup the first time around, but found it  spare of flavours, so this time the Everyman decided to boost them with the addition of some harissa, epazote and paprika to make the dish truly sparkle.  Because I was extra hungry for dinner that day, I requested some form of protein, so the Everyman tossed in half a can of black beans to fortify the soup even further.  Lastly, he diced a couple of tortillas into strips and browned them in a skillet until they were crispy and charred around the edges.  A sprinkling on top gave the soup great textural contrast and added to my enjoyment when I started animatedly tossing them into our bowls.

I think this one’s a keeper!

Until next time…

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