Soma-mbulatory Persuasion

Cocoa Beanie And Friends

Last weekend, the Everyman and I had the opportunity to dip into Soma Chocolatemaker before catching Glengarry Glen Ross at Soulpepper.

Now, I fully admit that the Distillery District is one of those areas of Toronto I don’t spend nearly enough time in, especially considering the sheer number of artisans packed into its demure acreage.  But, now that we have semi-regular tickets at Soulpepper and I’m spending my Saturday afternoons in the general vicinity, I’m sure passing through the cobbled arches will become much more common.

On our latest trip, aside from picking up a few items for a housewarming gift (FYI the tumbled green Iranian raisins are awesome, apparently) I decided to help myself to a few products for personal consumption.  Chief amongst these was the barberry Soma tube; an 18 inch long truffle bar that’s meant for sharing, but that I’ve only begrudgingly allowed the Everyman to nibble once.  The bar comes sealed in a folded cardboard tube that contains some of the most mind-bendingly complex chocolate accents I’ve ever tasted.  I chose it for its nut free countenance, which is speckled with barberries (natch), handmade toffee, roasted cacao nibs and feuilletine.  And though I’ve barely worked my way through a third of it, I’m already planning when I can return to the store to procure more of this limited edition deliciousness.  I also used my purse to smuggle tumbled espresso beans, a few bags of varied cacao nibs and a shiny packaged microbatch chocolate bar from the prying eyes of the theatre coat check clerk once we were done.

On top of that, Soma even carries whole cacao pods too, so of course I couldn’t resist buying a few of those either.  I have absolutely no clue what I’m going to do with them yet (having already used straight cacao nibs to make my own homemade chocolate liqueur) but in the meantime whilst I figure it out, I’m just hoping our cats don’t abscond with them.

I wasn’t convinced of the awesomeness of Soma on my first visit a while back, but after greedily hoarding that barberry bar, I’m definitely a believer.

Until next time…

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