We Is Like Peas And Carrots


For Meatless Monday, I thought it would be fun to try meatless pizzas for a dinner that would be vegetarian without feeling spartan or limiting.

When the Everyman and I used to live at our old house, we did pizza nights all the time because we had a grocery store in the bottom of our building with hot and cold running toppings at our fingertips.  We still occasionally make homemade pizza, but prepping dough tends to require advance planning, so it’s generally not as often as either of us would like to.  Yet every time we do, I kick myself for not thinking to do it more often because aside from dough time it’s a quick, easy dinner that’s adaptable to any variety of tastes and styles.

Yesterday I was on the ball (both literally and figuratively) and mixed up a batch of dough before leaving for work, so by the time we got home all that was required was to warm the dough to room temperature, preheat the pizza stones and determine what would make for a tasty veggie combo.  After discussing just that on the drive home, it sounded like a more prudent idea would be to make 2 individual pizzas suited to our unique tastes rather than trying to compromise on 1 larger veggie pizza.  While the Everyman ran out for some last minute extra cheese, I assembled a toppings bar for us to build our ideal pizzas.

My pizza (above) is like me; complex, off-beat and unique.  It begins with a blend of pesto and blue cheese forming a tangy green base, then it’s scattered with asparagus tips, smushed figs and bocconcini.  A shower of mozzarella shreds, cracked pepper and oregano finish it off.  It wasn’t until after the pizza was done that I realized I’d accidentally left off the shiitake mushrooms I re-hydrated.  No matter.  This pizza was a thin crust marvel, and though non-traditional, it struck just the right balance between savoury and sweet for me.


The Everyman on the other hand, is more of a purist when it comes to pizza.  If we’re ordering in he’s the one who generally orders pepperoni, with the occasional Hawaiian pizza thrown in to keep it interesting.  His pie was a very simple affair, dressed with a blend of pureed tomatoes and pepperoncini paste, green peppers, onions, oregano and mozzarella.  It looked a little plain to my taste, but he must’ve disagreed since he finished the whole pie in a single sitting.

So as you can see, our tastes are like black and white, oil and vinegar, night and day.  Yet somehow the Everyman is still my lobster (a Simpsons reference if you’re confused).  When I’m over-complicating things, he helps me simplify, and where he might be staid I encourage him to explore something new.

In short, we compliment each other like peas and carrots.  And we make some pretty kickass pizza, too!

Until next time…

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