The Garbagepail Garden Shall Rise Again


A few weeks ago (some time around Mother’s day I think) I took my 1 pound box of mixed potato species and Carman sunchokes and planted them in last year’s winningest idea for a planter; the garbage can!

Only this time, I remembered to drill holes in the bottom because the gross bog of rainwater that was left in the bin after all this spring weather really did not need to be repeated next year.  As you can see, the warm, almost summery weather we’ve been having lately has had quite the effect on my potatoes.  In only 2 short weeks I’ve gotten sproutlings that are already several inches tall.  I’d say this bodes well for an even better harvest than last year, which I didn’t start until much later in June.

The Beginnings Of A Salad Bowl

Also growing on the roof are some shoots that will soon make it into my salad bowl.

Beet Sprouts

And the tiniest signs of having some baby beets.

Unexpected Strawberries

Plus this mystery pot that I thought was last year’s celery, but really turned out to be holdovers of last year’s strawberry plants, which is an even bigger bonus because most of my strawberry starts didn’t work out.

And like everyone else at this point, I’m impatiently waiting to get my tomato seedlings in the ground.  They’re currently cramping my style what with the grow shelf taking up most of the room in our second bathroom in the basement.  At this point I think we’re past just about all the risk of frost, so if I can pick up some more dirt I might do that this weekend, or just to be extra cautious I might wait a week longer.

But my garden, she’s a growin’!

Until next time…

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