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Veggie Heads

I’m not going to lie.

When I first decided to try this whole eating more vegetarian meals thing, I was more than a little concerned about whether I would actually be able to pull it off.

As a life long meat eater, I’ve had a tendency to look at the vegetarian option as the deprivational meal, rather than something that might be delicious in its own right.  Of course, that kind of thinking is deleterious to the cause and doesn’t do anyone any good because you’re defeated before you even begin.

Nearly 2 months in, I’ve changed my tune substantially.  Rather than trying to come up with meals that I wouldn’t mind eating if I omitted the meat, I’ve instead turned to ones that I already know I’ll enjoy that (hey, wait a sec) also happen to be meat free.  We’ve done creamy polenta, Trinidadian doubles, homemade pastas, veggie burgers, pizzas and more.  And the more I do it, the more Meatless Monday ideas pop into my head.  For instance, risotto is meatless as long as you cook it in a vegetarian broth.  Homemade noodles and cheese laced with sriracha can be, too.  Perogies are generally meat-free.  A grilled veg and cheese panini can do the job as well.  And the list goes on and on.

So, on this Monday, or the next Monday or any Monday really, why don’t you give the meatless lifestyle a try?  You’re not scared, are you?

Until next time…

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