No, It’s Not The Same, Actually

Pain Au Chocolat

Recently, I learned that despite what we believe in North America, the pain au chocolat and chocolate croissant that we consider interchangeable are actually not synonymous for each other.

Above is a tray of freshly rolled and baked pain au chocolat; as you can see, they are not croissant-like at all, but closer to an actual bread dough.  And dang, are they delicious!

After I tried these, it reminded me of when I was a child.  My dad and I would often get pain au chocolats together, and I always used to get mad because I thought he was buying me chintzy ones since they only had this 1 tiny strip of chocolate rolled up into the dough.  Little did I know then but that’s actually the correct way to make them, and that there is a specific chocolate product (called a baton) that is made precisely for this application.

Sorry dad if I ever doubted you.  Regardless, those pain au chocolat were always superb.

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