Sweets For My Sweet

Galub Jamun

We’ve had quite a few exotic sweets floating around our house lately.

Though I enjoy desserts quite a bit, I find that when I’ve spent so much time making them, I don’t have a taste for them once I’m done.  So, when an overage of pastries presents itself, I normally send the excess to work with the Everyman, which often makes him quite popular around the office.  Many a time he has taken the rest of a batch of cookies, brownies or bars to work after I’d satiated my desire for a serving or 2.

Pain au Raisin

In the last few weeks he’s had a few trays of pain au raisin, a pastry cream filled glazed raisin pastry (shown above).


Then there were what seemed like an endless supply of pastry cream filled cinnamon sugar dusted bombolini (aka Italian donuts) that his people literally swooned over.

And the other day they were treated to a tray of saffron and cardamom-infused syrup soaked galub jamun (Indian milk fritters) pictured at the very top.

They really are quite spoiled for deliciousness.  I’ve heard tell that on the occasions when there hasn’t been any excess, the natives tend to get restless.

It’s nice to be appreciated, though sometimes it does make me feel like some kind of pastry pusher.

Until next time…

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