Praline Buns

Lately it’s felt like the season of cakes around these parts.

Above, these scrumptious cinnamon and struesel-topped praline buns were an addictive favourite of mine.  You can top pretty much anything with struesel and I think I would eat it, though.

Sally Lunn Cake

There was also this Bath, England-born Sally Lunn cake.  It had a texture similar to poundcake, but an airier crumb and a dusting of sugar on top.  This one was spectacular with whipped cream and jam.

Nut-free Kugelhopf

This nut-free currant-studded version of a kugelhopf was also a crowd pleaser, though not being a fan of currants I was more than happy to send it to work with the Everyman posthaste.  Traditionally kugelhopf would be baked in a pan covered in sliced almonds, but for obvious reasons I opted not to go there.  I think it’s actually kind of pretty and brain-shaped without the nuts, anyway.

But, as the weather continues to get hotter I think I will be winding down my baking for a while, or at least until I learn how to bake things on the barbecue.  Perhaps it’s time to return to my summertime obsession; making ice cream!

Until next time…

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