Time Lapse

Potato Blossom

These pictures are now about a week old (whole lifetimes ago in garden time), but I’m posting them as part of a time lapse retrospective of this year’s garden.


In the west elevation above is the row of pea and bean plants, reaching for the sky.


The southern elevation plays host to my mixed potato and sunchoke garbage can, a large planter of baby lettuces, a fledgling pot of rainbow chard and myriad colourful beets.


On the east side, we have my newest fig tree, a pot of leeks and shallots that has yet to take off, a massive plant I thought was leftover strawberry runners (but am now unsure what it is) and a pot of various types of hot peppers. My heirloom tomato plants are smaller than I would have liked due to the later planting date as well as having to replant a bunch once we came back from Aruba.  They have been potted into their kiddie pools for nearly a month now, and will hopefully start blossoming for me soon.


We’ve had a fair amount of heavy rain this month, so certain plants have not shot up as quickly as I’d like them to, but this is one of the parts of the gardening season that I love the most.  Because I have been growing most of these plants indoors since early March, I feel like the season has been on for so long that they’ll never set fruit before the warmth draws to a close.  But then reality sets in and I remember that it is only June and there are at least 2 more months of warm weather to go.

Here’s hoping for a bountiful harvest this year!

Until next time…


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