I Can’t Believe I Made These With My Own 2 Hands


Now that I know how to make real croissants, the bakeries in my area may become obsolete.

Having never been to Paris before, I really had no idea how different a full butter, freshly baked croissant would taste, but having sampled my fair share now (and probably your fair share, too) I can honestly say they’re like night and day in comparison.  So much of what I’ve had to date has been greasy with a faintly bitter aftertaste.  I now know that’s probably because they were made with something colloquially known as rolling fat instead of good old fashioned butter.  Nothing says delicious like the words rolling fat, you know?

At the top are a tray of crescent shaped plain butter croissants, which I’ve been told (but have been unable to verify) in France that shape denotes an inferior product made with rolling fat instead of butter.  I guess they take their croissants pretty seriously over there.  Mine were just crescent shaped because I thought it was pretty.


Next we have a box of chocolate croissants, and then a tray of almond paste and sprinkled croissants below.  There were also cinnamon croissants, but cinnamon unfortunately has a tendency to singe in a hot oven, so they ended up semi-burnt but still perfectly edible.

AlmondI will most definitely be making a batch again, but not too soon.  Decadence like this must be savoured in small quantities, I think.

Until next time…

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