Like A Modern Day Willy Wonka


It’s been a while, I know.

Which is why I thought it was high time to pass along some poorly lit food porn photos.

You see, last week I had the opportunity to dine at Alinea in Chicago.

I’m not going to let all the goodies out of the bag yet, but I had to share this photo of one of the (more visible) sweeter courses on our tasting menu.

The reddish disc in the background was called a raspberry transparency, which was a lot like a fancy stained glass fruit roll-up.  The tube in the foreground was filled with hibiscus jam, vanilla creme fraiche and bubblegum flavoured tapioca pearls and to eat it, you grabbed the tube and sucked it back in one big gulp, before it started shooting out the opposite end.

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a meal so full of laughter and wonder as I did here.  More than just cheap parlour tricks, as soon as we entered the restaurant, you understand that nothing is quite as it seems.

It was so entertaining I’m seriously considering a season’s pass to his upcoming restaurant Next, slated to open in November.

More to come soon.

Until next time…

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