Gimme My Burrata!

Beets, Burrata, Etc

When the Everyman and I were in Chicago recently, we went to a restaurant called The Publican for dinner that we’d heard amazing things about.

One of the items they had on their menu that I absolutely had to order was a chilled beet and burrata salad, because a girl can never have too much burrata.

Imagine my dismay when the plate set before me was covered with daubs of ricotta cheese instead (and I like ricotta!)

Receiving no explanation as to why there was no burrata, I half-heartedly ate my salad, all the while inwardly sulking over the missing cheese.  Had the place been less packed and frantic, I would have said something about it, but it hardly seemed worth the fuss at the time.

Since then, I’ve been unable to get that combination off my mind.  So, after a trip to Cheese Boutique this week, I decided to recreate it myself.

Multicoloured beets from my garden were matched with grilled figs, the outer shell of the burrata, some white balsamic and a healthy dose of fleur de sel and freshly cracked pepper.

Rather than satiate my desire for this salad, this delectable combination further stoked my yen for all things crispy, creamy and sweet.

Thank goodness there’s still half a ball of burrata left!

As a bonus, I can also tell you that chopped watermelon, fruity olive oil, burrata and fleur de sel make an amazing post-dinner dessert, too.

Foodie’s Beet, Fig and Burrata Good Time

4 beets, gently boiled, skinned and cooled

4 figs

0.5 ball of burrata or in a pinch fior di latte

crusty bread

olive oil

white balsamic vinegar

Using a mandolin, slice beets into thin rounds and set aside.  Meanwhile, grill slices of crusty bread drizzled with olive oil until smoky and char marked.  During the last few minutes of grilling, add figs, turning until all sides are well marked and the fruit is almost soft enough to burst.  Remove figs and bread from grill and set aside.  To assemble, layer slices of beet in a pave on a large serving platter, cut the grilled figs into quarters and scatter on top, tearing chunks of burrata “skin” over top of that.  Dress lightly with a sprinkle of white balsamic, a drizzle of olive oil and hearty pinches of fine sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

Serves 2 heartily with sides of crusty grilled bread.

Until next time…

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