About Us

Thanks for stopping by!  You’ve just stumbled on the home of Foodie and the Everyman.  This site chronicles the adventures in deliciousness of someone who loves (and lives) to eat, and the more subdued male perspective on food.  We’ll review restaurants, share recipes, and generally try to have a good time along the way.

PJ is the Foodie; a 28 year old semi-professional living the good food life in Toronto together with the Everyman.  She’s first and foremost a passionate cook, gardener and writer with a mind that is always on the go.  She began her lifelong affair with food while growing up in the restaurant business and nipping at the apron strings of her cheffing mom and stepdad.  Until she wins the lottery she’ll be spending her weekdays slogging it out at her rather menial job in the automotive industry.  She started this blog in February 2008 as a way to combat the drudgery of everyday life and keep her creative juices flowing.  What was initially envisioned as a restaurant review website has now grown to encompass her love of books, gardening, kitchen experimentation and list-making.   And a whole lot more.  In her spare time she also contributes content to Taste T.O. and their cross-Canada sister site, Beer and Butter Tarts.

The Everyman is a renaissance man and the love of her life who has at times made a living as a croupier, bartender, bouncer, arbitrator and now spends his time working in plastics.  He loves sports, video games and most food (and things) that PJ doesn’t, which works out well for her because it means she usually doesn’t have to share.  He’ll be contributing his two cents on food as a voice for the general male population, as well as the occasional (and delicious) cocktail recipe.

Got a question, comment, rant or concern?  If we’ve tickled your fancy, please feel free to drop us a line at pj@foodieandtheeveryman.com.  The website’s not run by a bunch of high tech Japanese robots, so I promise you’ll always get a personal response from us in return.  Or at least until we can afford a fancy high tech robot!

Bon appetit!