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The Accidental Salad

Warm Salad

For Meatless Monday this week, the Everyman was out of town on business, but flying home late that night.

I promised him I would set a plate aside for him, so the obvious question became what could I make that would keep relatively well for an indeterminate period of time?

After pondering for a little bit, I recalled 2 things.  One was the warm potato salad that we both loved at last year’s Outstanding In The Field dinner and the other was a potato and bean salad that I tested while reviewing Earth To Table.  I couldn’t remember much about either, except that a) they were warm, b) they both contained potatoes and c) they came with light, yet creamy dressings.

Given that I was in no mood to excavate my way through the stacks of cookbooks in my house to find Earth To Table (you know you have too many books, when…) I decided to improvise.

Both dishes used fingerlings but I didn’t have any, so instead I cubed a few yukon golds and quartered some shallots and tossed them in some coffee olive oil, then roasted in the oven for an hour.  When they were getting close to being done I melted a little high milkfat artisan butter in a pan until it foamed, then quickly sauteed half a pound of chopped asparagus until it turned emerald, then left it to get slightly blistered and browned.  Removing the pan from the heat, I sprinkled close to half a cup of freshly shelled peas in and let the residual heat of the pan turn them bright green, too.  Next I combined all the veggies in a bowl and tossed with a simple white wine dijon vinaigrette made puckery tart by the addition of a splash of barley vinegar.


Surviving The Holidays With Allergies

Blobs Of Dough

As most of you probably already know, we’re only a few days away from Canadian Thanksgiving.

And, as I’m well aware, having a food allergy can make enjoying holiday meals more than a little challenging.  On the one hand, you don’t want to inconvenience your host by making a big deal about your situation, but many allergies can be deadly; anaphylactic shock is a sure way to ruin any holiday celebration if you ask me.

In my case, I’m lucky that I don’t often have to worry about my seafood/shellfish allergy, because neither are typically included in traditional holiday meals, and when they are, they’re pretty easy to spot.  For others (like my mother in law) it’s unfortunately not so simple.  An allergy to wheat that she developed later in life means that she can’t always spot the things that to her are deadly, but knows exactly what it is she’s missing (hello baguette!).

Being a fellow allergy sufferer (one who also developed an allergy in adulthood) I can sympathize with the notion of pining for something you used to be able to eat before – I constantly decry my memories of fresh caught crabs off the piers in BC.  But, one thing I’ve noticed about people with food allergies in general is that they don’t want you to take pity on them.  All they really want is something good to eat!  There’s nothing worse than feeling like a leper because everyone else is eating “normal” food while you nosh on some “alternative” bread, cake, pie, etc.

But, what people often forget is that there’s a whole slew of great recipes that are unintentionally allergy friendly.  If you’re a raw foodist, you can eat gazpacho (I think, I’m not super familiar with their ideology, to be honest).  If you’re allergic to wheat, well, there really isn’t anything better that a decadent flourless chocolate cake, you know?  And if you’re allergic to eggs, well I recently found out that ground flax and some water makes a surprisingly decent substitute (ascertained when I accidentally ran out of eggs for banana bread).