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Superfood Or Supercrap?

Powdered Acai

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that nutrition-based food claims make me more than a little uncomfortable.

It seems that for every “scientific” paper that proves the benefits of consuming a certain type of food or nutrient, there are still others disputing it.  In a way it’s no different than the claims made by the multi-billion dollar diet industry bent on pushing yet another new faddy regimen.  Every few months new research surfaces to show that some thing (that until recently had been a workaday foodstuff) has been catapulted out of obscurity and into the limelight.  At times it makes me wonder if all of these studies are in some way connected to each food’s saavy marketing board…

In the last few decades, we’ve had studies revering margarine and vilifying butter.  Years later, butter faced a (luke-warm) reprieve, if only due to the fact that research arose stating that margarine had gross things like trans fats in it.  Then there was the jump on the olive oil bandwagon, backed up by research into the healthful Mediterranean diet.  And on, and on, ad naseum.

Which then prompted a string of books about why one culture’s diet was better than another, including French Women Don’t Get Fat, (a book a well-meaning friend once brought me to stave off boredom while I was sick) that among other things advocates living off a watery leek broth when you’ve overindulged (real healthy… snerk!)  Or the (more than a little smug) rebuttal Japanese Women Don’t Get Old Or Fat, which I bought for the express purpose of seeing what exactly they would claim was better in their “lifestyle” book than the French one, but 3 years later, I’ve yet to get past page 2.

The revolving door of nutritional recommendations doesn’t stop there, either.


We Are Accidents Waiting To Happen…

Several weekends ago whilst at the Cheese Boutique, I hastily procured a bag of goji berries for myself, the actual purpose behind buying them being somewhat of an afterthought.

The Everyman and I have been consuming goji berries for several years now, in overpriced smoothie-shakes from Booster Juice, deliciously decadent chocolate bars by Vosges, various juice and tea blends, and the divine fois gras pate/mousse from The Black Hoof. But, until I tried the fois gras deliciousness that they whipped up at The Black Hoof, I didn’t have any intention of incorporating them into my cooking repertoire.

The longer they sit dormant in my cupboard drawer (taunting me), the more anxious I get to use them. Now that I have them, several ideas spring to mind. Had I purchased them several months ago, I probably would have tossed a handful into the jar of preserved lemons I started on the windowsill in January, just to see what would happen.  Unfortunately they’ve been preserving for so long already that I’m sure the goji effect would be minimal at best at this point.  Another possibility would be to rehydrate them for a sorbet, which I imagine would be refreshing in it’s sweet-tartness.  I’ve also been toying with the idea of creating goji spirits – I mean, they make pomegranate liqueur already, and there is a company selling green tea liqueur (I should know, I impulsively bought several bottles of it once after falling in love with a drink I tried in Collingwood), so why not goji?  The more pertinent question is what sort of drinks would I make with it once it’s done?  Then there’s always the option to chop them up and incorporate them into a shortbread or sandie.  Or I could even take the safe route and mimic The Black Hoof’s preparation (albeit with chicken livers as opposed to fois gras; I’m not living that high off the hog!)  As I so often like to say, oh the pasta-bilities!

Have you had any success experimenting with gojis?  Once I’ve more carefully considered my options, I’ll post the results of my accidents, er… experimentations.