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This Just In: Turkey Day Treats

Salted Caramel Pumpkin Rolls

Our friends to the south will celebrate American Thanksgiving tomorrow, so with that in mind, I’ve whipped up a batch of salted caramel pumpkin pie rolls that would be equally at home on a breakfast plate or a dessert platter.

It all started when I found a small pie pumpkin lurking at the back of my overstuffed fridge on the weekend.  After brainstorming and rejecting my initial thoughts on its usage (pumpkin chocolate chip bars) I settled on the idea to make cinnamon rolls (which the Everyman loves) but tinge them festive and orange with pumpkin and pie spices. After googling for a while, I came across several recipes that had elements of what I was after, but no hard and fast winner.  Instead, I decided to come up with my own.

First, I roasted the pie pumpkin cut-side down until it was collapsed and yielding.  Once it had cooled a little, I ran it through the food processor until it had the consistency of baby food.  I’ve often wondered why homemade pumpkin puree is a light ochre-ish yellow and the stuff you get in a can comes out technicolor orange.  After pondering this for a bit, I’ve arrived at the hypothesis that they grind the whole pumpkin up, rind and all to obtain such a vibrant hue.

Incorporating my puree into a basic sweet dough, I left it to bulk ferment for an hour while I roasted some things in duck fat and salad spun some other things.  Some of the rest of this pumpkin mush will be making an appearance in another dish later this week, too.

When I returned, the dough was rolled out on a floured counter, brushed with copious amounts of butter and sprinkled with a brown sugar-based spice blend.  Rolled into a tube, it was sliced and placed in a silcone pan and left to final proof on top of the oven.


Feels Like Home To Me

Sweet 'N Tasty

It’s funny how nostalgia sneaks up on you sometimes.

For instance, the other day I was completely overtaken by the urge to eat cinnamon toast.

Cinnamon toast, which is similar in concept to that cereal of the same name, only less disgusting and preservative-laden, is a foodstuff that has not crossed my lips in nigh on 20 years.  Not only that, but I hadn’t even given it a second thought since I was little, when I used to eat it all the time; being second only to a heavily slathered piece of peanut butter toast in my young mind’s library of deliciousness.

But, for whatever reason it was on my mind, so of course I had to relent and revisit it.

Over the years there have been several nostalgic foods of my childhood that I’ve returned to and found wanting, most recently the saccharine pastry known as Jos Louis, but my cinnamon toast (unsurprisingly) stood the test of time.  After savouring the first few bites, I couldn’t get enough, and have indulgently returned to it several more times since then.