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The Constant Gardener


Isn’t that a beautiful picture?

That is an heirloom caprese salad courtesy of my own garden, circa September 2009.

And as winter drags on in it’s pithy little way, I find myself drawn to the photos I have of my garden (or the spoils thereof) to help keep me going during this wretched time of year.

As usual, I had seed catalogues to pore over at Christmas again, and have spent the better part of a dozen hours agonizing over what I should, would, could grow this year.  In a surprising twist of fate our condo board reversed their decision to rip up and replace our roof deck this year, so I unexpectedly have the luxury of planning a 2010 garden once again.  It may seem early, but once I determine what to grow, seeds will need to be ordered and started indoors, so really, I’m right on schedule.

Given my (ample for a roof) yet rather confined space, it’s always a difficult task deciding what I should grow.  Successes from previous years fight for acreage against new plants I’ve been seduced by but have yet to try.  The fun part is attempting to harmoniously blend them all together in a symbiotic way.