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Here Turkey, Turkey Turkey…

With Orzo

My inspiration comes from many places.  Sometimes it’s as simple as peering into the fridge or freezer and dreaming up something delicious to make with the haphazard contents.  At others it comes from my mass consumption of photos on Tastespotting or Foodgawker; even though I rarely cook from a poster’s recipes, sometimes all it takes is a photo and description to get the wheels turning to come up with my own unique dish.

Earlier this week that was exactly the case when I came across these jalapeno turkey meatballs.  The picture and concept were enough to send my mind whirring a mile a minute, so when I arrived home I found a turkey breast I’d purchased from Bob in the hopes of smoking into deli turkey (unfortunately it was too small to make anything substantial, so I gave it a pass).  Next I dug around in our freezer for the remains of the back fat purchased during our ‘nduja and csabai adventures.  I really wanted to use the last of it up because my half hog will be here in a few days, with it’s own fats ready for rendering into lard or sausage matter, so I didn’t want to have old stuff lying around.  Next I grabbed a jar of jalapenos I pickled last year, some fresh garlic scapes and one of those roasted poblanos (I think) that I bought from the Mississauga market earlier this summer.  After cubing the meats, I threw the whole lot (including the scapes) into the grinder attachment on my stand mixer.  Let me tell you, watching scapes grinding is a whole lot of fun!


I’m Picking Up My Meaty Assembly, Won’t That Butcher Be So Proud Of Me?

I’ve received word.

The stuff is finally in.

‘Nduja, csabai and smoked turkey, here I come!

Also came across this over at The Sausage Debauchery (love that name!) this morning.  The second bacon sounds so delicious I might have to try playing with some of it, too.  Here’s hoping the butcher’s got a nice slab of uncured belly meat with my name on it!

Until next time…