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The Foodie 13 – Least Favorite Foods

Well, it seems it’s about time again for another edition of the Foodie 13.

As much as I’ve tried to avoid writing this list for several months now, preferring to turn a blissfully blind eye on my own food phobias and dislikes, eventually I had to admit that there are some foods that I just won’t eat.  In Jeffrey Steingarten’s book, he tells us that in order to be a proper foodie, one cannot have aversions to eating, and while I try, there really are a few things I just can’t manage to wrap my head (or lips) around.

So, this week I give you the top hate-ons from that list.  You’ll probably find them more surprising than you’d think.

1 – Oranges – Ever since I was a very small child I have hated the taste of orange, whether in full fruit, flavoured items or juice form.  Out of everything on this list I can say with certainty that it is the one thing I disdain the most.  I’m not really certain how or why it all started, but I recall I had a problem with the pulpiness of it as a wee one, and found it distastefully bitter.  To this day, when people try to peel and segment oranges around me (as one reviled ex-coworker used to do all the time) it literally makes me nauseous and I find I have to leave the vicinity.

2 – Soy Milk – One of the primary reasons I’m convinced I could never be a vegan is that I can’t seem to stomach soy milk.  And believe me, over the years, I’ve tried.  For some reason, no matter what variety, flavour or brand, it always seems to have an unpalatable chalkiness and viscosity that I just can’t get over.  If they ever manage to make soy milk that doesn’t actually taste like soy, I’ll be the first one to sample it.  But for now, no dice.

3 - Kiwifruit – I find this unpleasant on so many levels.  The fur for one, is off-putting.  The texture is slimy.  The flavour is too astringent.  One of my biggest pet peeves about my beloved ice cream establishment, Dutch Dreams, is how they arbitrarily plop a kiwi-laden scoop of fruit salad on top of every ice cream order.  I’ll sometimes bother with the other fruit, but the kiwi is always the first thing that gets jettisoned or fed to the Everyman.